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Dr. Frank Henry- Biomechanics of Running

Understanding Biomechanics of the Feet Can Prevent Running Injuries

Feb 01, 2023

Running is an important daily routine for many people; however, runners should keep in mind the biomechanics of the foot to prevent running injuries. The metatarsal bones are often regularly injured during the foot to ground impact when running with metatarsalgia, inflammation on the bottom of the foot. The metatarsal bones are located in the forefoot and there are five, connecting to the mid-foot to the toes. The heaviness of the body and the impact on the foot result in symptoms such as sharp, stabbing, burning pain. Injury to the metatarsals can be reduced with smart training practices, proper fitting shoes, orthotics, and using recovery days to rest the feet.

Biomechanics of the feet can help you understand how to prevent injury and help doctors treat your foot and ankle ailments. If you have any concerns contact one of our podiatrists of University Foot and Ankle Center of New Jersey. Our doctors will treat your foot and ankle needs.

Biomechanics in Podiatry

Podiatric biomechanics is a particular sector of specialty podiatry with licensed practitioners who are trained to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg. Biomechanics deals with the forces that act against the body causing an interference with the biological structure and focuses on the movement of the ankle, the foot and the forces that interact with them.

A History of Biomechanics

- Biomechanics dates back to the BC era in Egypt where evidence of professional foot care has been recorded.
- In 1974 biomechanics gained a higher profile from the studies of Merton Root, who claimed that by changing or controlling the forces between the ankle and the foot, corrections or conditions could be implemented to gain strength and coordination to the area.

Modern technology improvements are based on past theories and therapeutic processes providing a better understanding of podiatry concepts for biomechanics. Computers provide accurate determinations about the forces, moments and patterns of the foot and lower legs with the most important information captured.

Advances in materials and more awareness of biomechanics have developed enhanced corrective methods, offering further options for foot-related injuries. Understanding foot biomechanics can help improve and eliminate pain, stopping further stress to the foot.

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